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Great Days Are Coming Ahead

The excitement deep beneath the skin is contagious. Sometimes, when you are looking forward to your big day, you are making a request or plea in your mind like “I hope that tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for.”

As a millennial, I am always looking forward to special dates that reminds me of some sorts of things. The people or possessions I should be thankful for, a portion of life that taught me so well and I learned the lesson the hard way, family anniversaries or events which made me gain or lose people so near and way too close to my heart, or once in a lifetime opportunities that will draw me closer to God or to His beloved children. Try to forget not the most significant day every human being has, birthday celebrations.

Great days are coming ahead. It is a promise that pushes you to get up from bed every passing day. Claim it and start to proclaim it.

Birthday is a great reminder that God has been faithful to you. And that He will continuously pour out bowls of blessings from the heavens that will flow abundantly here on earth (no enough room can conceal and contain it).

Personally, I am going to be old once more. But age is not on the spotlight now. Celebrating life and taking the chance and moment of doing good deeds to others is a great gift to one’s self, actually.

Life for me is full of surprises. Like a roller coaster, it is full of ups and downs. I never expected a perfect life or perfect people to socialize with. Sometimes you are carried away by numerous situations and there are some instances wherein you are stuck in the middle. What is its relevance? Here you have the chance to make life memorable not just for yourself but on other people as well. I am forever grateful and glad to receive this kind of life. Not every person got the chance to open his or her eyes to see the beauty in this world. The love and the care of a family member or a relative, a friend whom you treated as close as a brother, and the challenges in life are the finest and prestigious gifts are all beyond prices.

For this year, I have no special wish list for myself. All I want to have for now is memories with the most significant people around me. Like I said a while ago, these people are expensive enough not even a currency can match them.

As I grew old, I realized so many things in life. These are:

  • “Putting God first.”

In everything I do, may it please God like the burning of an incense that will reach for the heavens above.

When you put God over anything and over everything, life will never be the same. You may experience the strong currents and waves of life, but with Him you will always find a way to get back up and to be firm. Life drags you sometimes to a pit and you cannot do a thing but to scream and yell for help. But remember, He is and was and is always there for you.

Step aside and let the King of glory come in to your life. Once you opened your heart, words are not enough to describe how the entire situation will be different.

  • “Making people happy.”

Let me be straight and on point, true happiness is seeing others happy. These people are your family, your friends, and the special people that make your world go around. In return you will have the greatest satisfaction incomparable to another man. Thus, you cannot help it but smile as much as you can because of the overwhelming experience.

  • “Money is essential but…”

It would be a joke if I will not say money is not essential. Yes it is. It helps you buy personal necessities and sometimes can be used as a medium to make transactions to buy the luxuries of life. More so, it will never make you happy. You may have gained all the richness you can wildly imagine of, but if there is something lacking deep beneath the skin, then money cannot give a direct answer.

Great days are coming ahead. Start to get out of your routine and try something new to make life challenging and prone to doors of making yourself better.


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