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A Doze of Joy for a Teacher

Teachers are all set to turn one’s crafty ideas into a reality. Starting from the lessons to discuss to the projects that must be presented. All the plans drafted are now made official and recognized by the school administrators. It is a thrill in the spirit that makes the mentor on fire to pound the students with superb process of enhancement.

As a teacher, my main goal is to expose my students in various activities which will hone their communicative skills (orally and written), self-confidence, and concentration. Especially when it comes to setting one’s priorities and the focus to notch the prized target. Only rare students have long attention span since everything is fast paced.

Students have finally adjusted. Finally.

The neophytes are now comfortable to a new learning environment with new people surrounding them. It is so funny when you observe schoolchildren nowadays. I mean it, because at first you will never ever see them interact with their seatmates on the first few days of the class. But as time pass by, they make new friends and the boundary that separates a new student from the old ones are now broken. Others are taking one step at a time on absorbing the policies and regulations set by the school and by the teachers.

With the collaboration of the parents and school, students will never ever be the same again. The presence of the parents reinvigorates the atmosphere and propels the child to do more and to work for the best. Like the air you and I breathe, it refreshes the soul. The dedication of the parents and teachers to establish a strong foundation of knowledge is vital and crucial in the real world.

As a teacher, I observed many things about my students.

Day by day you see them grow and excel on the areas they know they can dominate. They do compromise with peer pressure but they are pressing themselves on facets that will satisfy their desire and living to what they are passionate of.

It is so fulfilling to lead schoolchildren.

Awestruck with the surprising events in the four corners of a classroom, at the end of the day, a teacher will whisper to one’s self, “a job well done. It is another feather to the hat to spread the light of knowledge that will wipe away the darkness of ignorance.” To see them develop and enjoy the subject area with all smiles are all priceless.

That is something that is rewarding. A mantra. An extraordinary source of joy which indicates that one task is done in a very authentic way. No one in this world knows how uplifting it is for a teacher to see his or her students cope up with change. Some may have difficulty, but it is not an option to quit and back down.

Reality strikes in that teachers need to go down to the level of his or her students. Reach out because they direly need a second parent that will feed their minds and hearts that will sooner or later make this world a better place to live.

If teaching for you is about compensation or a source of income, you got the wrong perspective. Think again. Teaching is a lifetime vocation that aims to spearhead the change of this world by educating one’s mind through holistic approach. No silver or gold can buy the emotions of joy and contentment, satisfaction and unity.

Teachers will make the difference.


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