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Tips on Starting School Right

owAfter two months of enjoying the summer vacation at home playing gadgets or watching movies, an out of town escapade with family and relatives, or an out of the country experience. It has come to its end while the door of school vibes has officially opened.

Students are now forced to enter a series of procedure of learning new lessons, honing one’s skill, or showcasing their hidden talents that will wow not only the teachers but also the parents.

Speaking of parents, without a doubt they are pumped up for new chances and opportunities for their kids. As a matter of fact, majority are busy on having a last minute shopping.

In order to start one energy-consuming academic year of burning the midnight oil, one must possess the ideal values in order to hit the mark based from convincing performances and outputs. So, here are some tips I have on mind:

  1. Have the right kind of mindset. Do not let laziness overpower your persevering spirit. Being unproductive will cause a great delay as you reacj for your targeted goals.   need to set the tone right and prioritize the Best options you have on hand.
  2. No to love life. Intimate love towards the opposite gender is a big no-no especially to the young ones. There is nothing wrong on adoring a person. But going beyond that? That’s a nerve wrecking decision. Rendering too much effort and devoting most of your time makes you forget what is the main Be reason why you study and why you come to school. True love waits at the right place, at the appropriate time, and with the perfect mate.
  3. Be punctual. Submit your projects, assignments, and other school-related work on time. Do not let the deadline beat you but once and for all, you have to beat the deadline. You are held responsible on what you are doing.
  4. Be humble. In all of your achievements when it comes to academics and extra curricular, you must keep your feet on the ground. A roaring crowd and deafening applause may destroy your friendship and connection with the surrounding people. At the end of the day, the recognition will mean nothing at all if these people never supported you since day one.
  5. Show respect to others. In order to be respected, you must show respect to your schoolmates, classmates, the supportung school staff, and the teachers. Saying “po” and “opo” or greeting these people with a smile in the school corridors make a huge difference.
  6. Take risks. Only a few succeed in life for the reason that they break the borders and embrace new challenges on this world full of demands. Go out of your confort zone and adopt to the latest reforms and trends on becoming a better student and more so a better human being.

Resources especially money is not generated instantly. So, your parents deserve a high quality of output as they worked all day and all night just to provide the finest things in life.

Show gratefulness by saying words of affirmation and match it with actions. At the end, not only you are happy because you’ve finally found a way to upgrade yourself but your parents will be proud and they will reap the lifetime satisfaction money itself cannot buy.


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