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Soaking in His Presence

Life has never been easy for everybody as long as you are alive.

There are those who were born without a family. Children are in the streets begging for mercy and asks for alms in order to survive the day. On the other hand, relationships such as friendship and connection between two mates crumble down due to misunderstanding or miscommunication. Worse of all is the passing of a loved one whom you appreciated the most and yet you came up short on saying what you really want to express deep within.

We all have our major individual differences but it all boils down to one common denominator– the need to encounter God in an extreme yet life-changing way.

Today, God is calling His children to take up the cross and soak ourselves on His holy presence. Not only it blesses us with the unexplainable things which ignites the soul to take a stand and be a catalyst of change. But let us face the reality, we are all living in this world full of promises and opportunities. Enticing offers are left in wide open for everybody and it is for ups and grabs. But does it lead us to the path where God has called and designed us?

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”

God has plans for us and we must trust the process He is crafting. The moment you held His hand tightly, brace for a roller coaster ride:

  • Let HIS not ours will be done.

The moment we open our lips to pray, let us refrain from praying on what is in our favor. Let the beat of His heart translate into words which is given to us so that we aim to bring glory to His majestic Name.

There is nothing wrong on asking God for help or answering a particular event wherein you want to assure victory. On the other side, let us be reminded that His will shall always prevail over what we wanted.

Once and for all, let us make Him our Lord and not our self. We are not created to tell God what to do. It takes patience and waiting as He give to you what you are eyeing.

  • An open heart is an open life.

In order to become a vessel, you must leave yourself open to God’s plan. Absolute surrender in His will takes you to a different height of faith, which later on separates you from the norm. As He elevates you to the level you cannot contain, leave yourself open to His people.

Spread the good news of His great intentions to humanity. That in spite of the conflicts between principles and ideologies, there is still hope that can mend the great division in this world.

His Name? The one and the only Jesus Christ.

The task of keeping an eye to God and staying on the same page with Him is a difficult task to monitor in a day-to-day basis. But when you soak yourself to His presence, with Him all things are possible and you can do anything!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


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