No To Goodbyes

One productive academic year has officially come to its end. For some of the students, summer vibes is in the air and they are making the most of their efforts to please their parents. Probably they want to have an out of town escapade or some are looking forward to extreme adventures in other countries.

As for the teachers (like me) on the other hand, we are busy accomplishing our respective year-end tasks such as School Forms, Report Card, and other related paperwork.

Unfortunately, as I face one of the most vital chapters of life, some of the people whom I treasured the most are moving forward to greener pastures. As they transfer to another school, my prayers and thoughts are always with them. They may forget me but they are kept in my heart and in my soul until the last breath.

The inevitable turnaround of events made me feel that people come and go but the best ones remain. Be it on my students or to my co-teachers who made a significant impact on my life.

“There is no good in goodbyes (sometimes)…”

To those schoolchildren and friends, see you soon! No to goodbyes.

People who part ways who bid their (last) goodbye have no chance on earth to meet again. Let us face the reality of life, all those good memories will be buried soon as if nothing important happened. Endings at times has a bitter finale. As for me, I’d rather say, “see you soon.” One day comes and all the good memories will flashback when I crossed paths with people who unexpectedly crafted a worth remembering friendship.

Smile and be happy. These people will advance to a bigger and even brighter future ahead. True happiness is not manifesting in your inner most being but giving an unceasing support and seeing him or her happy at present is your personal fulfillment.


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